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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blogging: the article

Why I hate blogging
I hate blogging because I feel as if I am a tiny mouse screaming out of a little hole into a vast and vacant hall.
When and why I started blogging
I started blogging on November 6th, 2004 (my first post on the internet). Back then I didn't even know what blogging was--I hadn't even heard the term--but I think I started because it was a place to write down what was going on, and a way to share it with people. I believe that is why most people, if not all, start to blog.
Why I still blog
Blogging for me, now, is a means of getting my ramblings and thoughts and ideas out into the world (wide web). But also the original intention of my blogging is still expressed at livejournal.com. I do it now though for the purpose of exposure too.
What I think blogging is
Blogs have become a new medium and a new media, and that merits a new definition. Blogs are not just journals anymore as they were in their incipient stages. They are now advertisements, journals, news, articles, and more. So, the definition of a blog now is: an amalgamation of the news, magazines, and journals that is available on the Internet.

Obama is the first ever word of mouth politician.

Barack Obama is here and with him is change. Obama is the modern day equivalent of Lincoln; a man who changed the face of America. Obama can and will do that.

That is what most people who have heard of Barack Obama think; that is what I thought before I actually looked up the information for myself. Not that Obama isn't the modern day Lincoln speech-wise, no, he is; but Obama is not going to drastically change the face of America --unless he has something up his sleeve.

The question is why do people not know who Obama is or what he stands for. It is because he doesn’t campaign that way. Obama is the first ever word of mouth politician. I remember that I first heard about him about a year ago from a friend. Also, the media does not give you a person’s platform and frankly neither does Obama.

So, what is, who is Obama? I am not going to write that because I want you to. It is necessary that you do that because the people need to know who could, potentially, if we rally behind him, be President.

Bob Dylan is one prolfic beep.

Apparently, Bob Dylan wrote every song of the past thirty years.

What did you think would happen if prayer was taken out of our schools? The kids would get fat.

Guys, your fat because you don't believe in God.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I want to be Shakespeare

I have to write something incredible, something great. I have to write a bestseller, a critically acclaimed masterpiece. I have to write something timeless, that lasts forever. I have to write something that resounds with people of my time and others. I have to write something.
I have to be something, someone. I have to know that I am not useless, arbitrary in this world. I have to know that I have an impact on the world. I can’t be a blip on the time line of human existence; I have to important, influential.
I have to make something out of myself. Whether it be a film or a book or whatever; I have to do it. I have to funnel my existence into something physical, something that will last forever.
I want to be re-discovered by cultures in the future. They will call me the greatest something of my culture, of my world. I want to like Homer or Plato.
But I want to be known in my own time too; I don’t want to be Emily Dickinson or Vincent Van Gogh.
I want people to know my name, to know what I’ve done. But I don’t want to be a footnote in some textbook. I want to be on the tips of peoples tongues in 400 years. I want an entire chapter devoted to me.
I want to be Shakespeare.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

An Open Letter to the guys that made Picasa

Picasa I hate you. Well, that is not accurate; I can't hate an application; I can though hate the developers. Why won't you make Picasa for Macs? I mean, iPhoto sucks. You can make it cost money; I'll buy it. I had Picasa on my old computer, a Sony running Windows, and I loved it; with the focus thing and the easy to manage editing tools and the amazing system organizing, Picasa was incredible and I used it all the time. But now, with this Mac, I cannot. And I am mad. I mean come one, you guys even developed it for linux! please, i am begging you, make a Mac version.
hi. again. i am posting. right? Okay. So i have an idea, but first, background!

So, kids only think for themselves; you know, the whole world revolves around them--in their heads. Well, what if that sort of mentality was developed out a evolutionary need to survive. Because, and this is the kicker, when you become an adult you start to think about the community, not just yourself, at least this is true for most. What if this transition in ways of thinking is because of evolution. Our brains evolved like this because adults need to think communally because they need to help the community survive; kids need to think of themselves because they need to become adults; they need to live. And that is why kids only think of themselves. Not out of a want to annoy, but out of adapted trait, passed through evolution.

Just an idea.